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Rosemont Dental Clinic Regina, SK

About Our Regina Dental Clinic

Our Northwest Regina dental clinic is located in Rosemont, and are currently welcoming new patients of all ages.

As general dentists we assess, provide treatment and instruction for the youngest of children to adults in our new modern dental clinic.

We also welcome patient referrals of your family and friends, as our family and friends are the foundation of our business. We want your experience to be genuine with trust in our professionals and you are treated as we wish to be treated. We practice all general aspects of dentistry including check-ups, cleanings, fillings, extractions, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, root canal therapy, whitening, aligners, guards and prosthetics. We work with an extensive network of healthcare practitioners, laboratories, physicians, and dental specialists to ensure you receive optimal oral care. We are members of the Canadian Dental Association and the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Sungho Jun DDS


Dr. Min Dong DDS


Stefanie RDT

Dental Therapist


Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant


Office Manager


Dental Hygienist


Dental Hygienist


Dental Assistant

    Our Clinic

    At Rosemont Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves in providing complete dental services. Located in Northwest Regina, in the Rosemont Shopping Centre. We welcome both new and emergency patients. Our experienced dental team will work with patients of all ages to establish a customized dental plan to obtain maximum oral health.

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    Meet Dr. Sungho Jun

    Come visit Dr. Sungho Jun and his associate Dr. Min Dong and the dental team at Rosemont Dental Clinic. We are a part of the Canadian Dental Association, and are located in North West Regina. We strive to quickly accommodate appointments and will always accept emergency patients. We serve everyone from children to seniors; with knowledge, compassion, and personalized care.

    Our experienced dental team will provide detailed advice for keeping your smile healthy. This includes dietary recommendations, specialized oral hygiene products, and brushing techniques.

    At Rosemont Dental Clinic we provide general dentistry services, but we have a network of industry connections for other dental services which include: specialist for oral surgery, orthodontic care, as well as periodontal concerns. Call or stop in to make an appointment with us today.

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    Customer Reviews

    The whole team at this dental clinic is happy and welcoming.

    The whole team at this dental clinic is happy and welcoming. They all work as a cohesive unit. Teamwork is obvious a strong suit.

    I have a sensitive and small mouth and they work with me to make my experience the best it can be even though it may not be the place I want to be.

    The whole clinic is also extremely clean and well maintained. Cannot recommend them enough.

    Nora Fisher

    I was impressed with by the care and professionalism…

    I was impressed by the care and professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone needing dental work to go here. all dental assistants were wonderful too. Excellent environment, as well as excellent service!

    Justine, Regina SK

    I had not been to a Dentist in 10 years…

    I had not been to a Dentist in 10 years as I had a fear of them, went to Rosemont, had great treatment and service had can highly recommend them, also their estimate was only about 25 % of one of their competitior’s so they don’t gouge on their pricing !

    Troy Campbell – Regina SK